In HeadHunter Group operates Ethics Hotline


HeadHunter Group values ​​its reputation of the company, adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity business. The scale of our business requires us to pay particular attention to any threats of business integrity. We believe that business should be built on honesty and mutual benefit.


You can report any facts of thefts, fraud, corruption and other violations by clicking on "Make a report" button or by sending an e-mail to the or by calling to the 
8 (800) 500-00-39. Any report will be investigated in due course. If you leave your contact information we will inform you on the results and your personality and data provided will be confidential during the investigation


All correspondence are collected and processed by Deloitte, an independent consulting company, who guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity.


We thank you for your cooperation!

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